Product Differentiation In Philippine Teleseryes

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To the Teleseryes’ crews,
Differentiation is needed in order for the local Teleseryes in the Philippines to improve its products and services. Differentiation can be achieved through designing meaningful differences in order to distinguish the local Teleseryes to other foreign telenovelas which are being offered in the market.
Specifically, Product Differentiation which pertains to improving the product that the Philippine Telenovela Industry is offering-Teleseryes should be performed. Furthermore, the following are the researchers’ recommendation for improvement on the elements of Teleseryes which is aligned with the study’s results.
Acting Skills of Actors/Actresses and Dependence on Actors/Actresses- Teleseryes should ensure that the Actors and Actresses in the Teleseryes have undergone rigorous training in order to enhance his/her skills before debuting a role. Regardless of their name and popularity, training for actors and actresses is a need because their portrayal will make the Teleseryes alive. Relevantly, the characters should have “good physique, a retentive memory, an
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Joint Venture refers to two companies which will temporarily work together with a purpose capitalizing for opportunities. Through this, Filipino culture and tourism can further be highlighted through the scenarios in Teleseryes. Additionally, with the current crises in troubled international tourist spots, travelers will be looking for other places in the world to visit. This is the right time to show to the international community that Philippines have awesome scenic spots including Boracay, Mindoro, Cebu, Bohol, Ilocos, Baguio, and so many undiscovered provinces. With the support from the government and tourism organizations, Teleseryes can be a platform to promote the country’s culture, land and
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