Product Flow Control Using Kanban Signals

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Kanban is a Japanese term which means “visible record”. This is the term used in production and inventory control systems and methods which help us find out the answer or questions like: what parts to manufacture, when to start manufacturing, when to stop manufacturing, how many to manufacture and where to deliver them to.
Kanban works on a pull systems to automatically schedule more production without intervention of Supervision nor Planning & Scheduling Department personnel. Kanban works for higher volume , repetitive products where setup time is short and there is great deal of demand certainty.
A pull system has advantages over push system, 1:It can be observed easily unlike push system 2: Efficiency:
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The main idea of implementing the kanban signals is to improve the product flow in order to keep up with the demands of the customers. The kanban system help in keeping the inventory to minimum. The system does this because the supplier does not send the suppilies until they get an order from the factory. A JIT production system is used which help in reducing the cost of inventory. Kanban introduces efficiency in entire manufacturing process also it helps in worker empowerment. The kanban system empowers line workers since they are the ones who manage the kanban cards. When a worker in an assembly line sees that a kanban card related to the process has reached its trigger level, he acts on the signal. The most important function of a kanban is that it instructs when to produce parts. In a lean manufacturing environment, no production or parts movement takes place without a kanban. Another key function is visual control; to identify what is in each box. Each box of product should have a kanban attached to it. If there is a box without a kanban signal, then it means that something is out of place. The third important function is inventory control. When we use a kanban system, it is very easy to control the amount of finished product on hand. The number of kanbans in the system will be

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