Product : Green & Black's Organic Chocolate Bars

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Product: Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate Bars Product description: Premium, High Quality Organic Chocolate Bars of various flavours. The company is part of the ‘World Fair Trade Organization’. Advertising Problem: Green & Black’s has a low brand awareness among Australians, due to their loyalty to more established brands like Cadbury, Nestlè and Lindt. Also, Green & Black’s still need to build a strong and defined brand image among Australian consumers. Advertising Objective: to raise awareness by 70% over 3 months, to inform consumers of the benefits of the product and to create a strong and durable brand image. Target consumer: Well educated Males and Females aged 25-39. They are the greatest consumers of chocolate in Australia. Mainly people with a healthy lifestyle, who prefer to eat organic food. Middle to upper class people, living in big cities, with high income they use to buy high quality and organic food. They want to live new and exciting experiences. They want to feel adventurous but often they can’t due to family, work etc. They buy products that make them live a new experience, help them finding pleasure and raise their self esteem. Buying ‘Fair Trade’ and organic products makes them feel like they have the power to change the world for the better, thus giving them a sense of accomplishment. The idea of freedom is important to them and they want to feel special and unique: they want to stand out from the crowd and they strive to project a strong, free and
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