Product Market Analysis : Procter And Gamble Essay

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Product-Market Analysis
Procter and Gamble heritage began back in 1837 and has brought forth many brands over the years to make the consumers happy. Procter and Gamble Company have five segments under Global Business Unit (GBU): Health Care (Family, Baby, and Feminine), Beauty, Grooming and Home Care. The GBUs have a responsibility for developing the overall brand strategy and innovations with new product and upgrades, along with marketing plans. Proctor and Gamble customers include merchandisers such as stores, grocery stores, drug stores, membership clubs, department stores and salon distributors with their e-commerce sites.
Procter and Gamble is responsible for developing and executing a market plan at local levels by utilizing the Company 's Sales and Market Operations (SMO). (Thomson Reuters) The SMO includes the retail customer trade and other country merchandisers. GBS provides processes and data technology to better understand and serve the business along with the consumers and customers with the help of GBUs and SMO. Procter and Gamble provides a company level strategy with a portfolio analysis, which utilizes the accounting treasury with external relations for human resources and legal, along with other centralized functional support (Thomson Reuters).
The Company size for Procter & Gamble Company:
2015 Employees: 110,000 (Procter & Gamble)
2015 Sales (mil): $76,279 (Procter & Gamble)

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