Product Market Analysis : Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Essay

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Product-Market Analysis Red Robin Gourmet burgers (RRGB) has been successfully marketing and serving food and beverages for over seven decades. Over this time, RRGB has moved from its original location and undergone multiple name changes. Originally opening as Sam’s Tavern near the University of Washington in Seattle in the nineteen forties, the bar served only beer and a handful of snacks (Red Robin, Our History). The tavern’s name was eventually changed to Sam’s Red Robin. This name change was in honor of a song “When the Red, Red Robin (Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin ' Along)”, that the owner of the tavern loved and sang often with his barbershop quartet (Red Robin, Our History). In the late nineteen-sixties, the bar changed its name to Red Robin when it renovated, changing from a tavern to a Seattle hilltop restaurant (Red Robin, Our History). By the early nineteen-seventies, Red Robin was no longer serving only beer and bar snacks. Instead, Red Robin began serving gourmet burgers causing a chain of events that would forever change the path of RRGB’s restaurant success as well as the public’s perception of burgers and fast food restaurants forever. Soon after the debut of its special gourmet burgers, Red Robin entered into its first restaurant partnership. Two local fans of the burgers and regulars of the restaurant formed a corporation and then partnered with Red Robin in a launch of the first Red Robin franchise. Since this first franchise established decades ago, Red
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