Product Objective For A Target Market Essay

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Product Objective: Our product objective is to target young generation and people who are up to diet. Our main objective is to provide a Quality high end product to customer not quantity or low cost. Create awareness of the product in the market
Price Objective: Our objective is to set a high price for a high end product. As we have made a burger that is healthier because of quality ingredient used so price is not that low. Customers can buy value meals and kids meals at bundle prices that are more affordable than buying food items separately.
Distribution objective for a target market: We aim to ensure our product reaches the target market with satisfaction. Our objective is that product should reach the customers as early as possible. We will have our own suppliers so supply of food can be on time in the stores. Our minimum waiting time for one burger would be 5-10 minutes as this would save the time of our customers
Promotion objective for a target market:- We aim to differentiate our product by providing a healthy burger and ingredients we used that our competitors don’t use. We will Promote our product mainly nearby to universities, Fitness people, near gyms. As our main target people is middle class people and those type of people who are diet and nutrition conscious.
Other marketing objective: Our objective is to provide excellent customer service.
Financial Objective:-Our first financial objective is to sell 30 burger a day. As our burger is healthy as well as

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