Product Offering Essay

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Product Offering MKT/571 Product Offering Verizon Communications Incorporated (Verizon) is an international leader in providing broadband and other wire line and wireless communications services to wholesale, mass market, business, and government customers (Verizon, 2011). The corporation primarily operates in the United States. To respond to the economic crisis, marketing challenges and opportunities of globalization, Verizon is transforming the way its business conducts marketing. The company is developing marketing strategies and plans to offer broadband products and services in the Canadian markets. The initial product offering will…show more content…
Several opportunities and threats exist for the company. Verizon can invest in expansion of broadband networks and services. A team can be formed to research and establish a partnership to develop the network. The company can also increase its broadband penetration in Canada. The threats that face Verizon consist of intense competition and the lengthened economic recovery in the United States that may influence the firm’s margins and market share. The company faces competition from other technology and communications firms seeking to gain consumer revenue and brand supremacy with regard to the provision of wireless products and services (Verizon Communications Inc. Profile, 2010). A worldwide economic crisis began in 2007 and triggered instability in various markets (Verizon Communications Inc. Profile, 2010). In most countries, the economic upturn is predicted to be for a prolonged period because of constant unemployment dilemmas (Verizon Communications Inc. Profile, 2010). As a result, Verizon the lengthy recuperation in its key markets may adversely affect its operating performance in the interim because the company obtains all of its profits from the United States (Verizon Communications Inc. Profile, 2010). Competition Verizon is establishing a home base in Canada and will be considered new entrants in the markets. Because of its solid position in the Canadian telecom
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