Product Placement In 'The Longest Ride'

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With more and more people being attached to TV shows, movies and technology than ever before, product placement for companies has begun to play a bigger role in their respective advertisement strategies to consumers. A company will often pay a fee to have their product used, demonstrated, or meaningfully presented in a show or movie. Companies are in hope that viewers will take note of the products displayed in the movie or show and think more strongly about using the product themselves. Awareness in product placement began in the early nineteenth century, when brands and products were seen implanted into the narration of novels and has only develop more of an progressively popular area of emphasis (Gurevitch, 2010). The romantic drama “The Longest Ride” is a movie about a cowboy who is a professional bull rider, who falls in love with a college girl, in which they both give up their dreams to make their relationship work. Throughout the whole movie…show more content…
Marketers also blend promotion and program content by positioning a TV commercial so close to the storyline of a program that viewers are unaware they are watching an advertisement until they are well into it (Schiffman & Wisenblit, 2015). This study incorporates the Theory of Reasoned Action to test five unalike Hypotheses, the key finding demonstrates that viewpoints of a person about product placement can disturb the individuals attitude, furthermore, normative norms have a important relationship with personal norms, both attitude and particular norms have a honest effect on purchase intention, finally, purchase purpose will affect a persons consumer behavior some ideas are given to advertisers and marketing researchers separately (Kit & Qui P'ng,
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