Product Placement Thesis

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A study of the effectiveness of the use of leisure entertainment as an advertising tool in marketing strategy CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 1 1.0 INTRODUCTION The introduction will contain a brief background on the chosen research topic, problem statement upon which the research questions have being built. It will further give an insight into the scope, objectives, purpose and significance of the research. 1.1 BACKGROUND Rotfeld (2006), suggested that avoidance of mass media advertising has become easier for target audience as it is considered to be time for breaks such as; snacks time, refreshing time, toilet and other activities. Invention of technologies in recent years have also worsened and deepened the difficulty in…show more content…
The research questions shall serve as guide in the entire research exercise. * RQ1 Does the communication process in the use of leisure entertainment better eliminate Noise? * RQ2 Do adverts from leisure entertainment such as product placement drive audience to take action as expected by sponsors? * RQ3 Do adverts from leisure entertainment enhance the product knowledge and value in consumers? 1.5 RESEARCH OBJECTIVE The objectives of this research are given below; * Provision of better understanding on the use of alternative media strategies in today’s marketing strategy building. * To investigate and identify the advantages of the use of leisure entertainment as a mass communication media tool as compared to the traditional tool. * Better understanding on how sponsors adopt the use of leisure entertainment as a marketing strategy. * To identify ways through which leisure entertainment can be used as a technique to overcome noise problem in communication process. 1.6 SCOPE AND DELIMITATION * SCOPE As a result of limited time in producing an extensive research, the researcher will focus his investigation on target audience; little attention will be given to the views of sponsors of adverts. In terms of types of leisure entertainment, the researcher will base this research on Television entertainment alone; with particular focus on “product placement”. * DELIMITATION This research
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