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Product, Pricing, and Channels Paper Todd Allen, Kevin Castro, Brisa, Gonzales, Saya Narvaza, Robert Thorson, and Slavica Vuckovic MKT / 421 February 18, 2015 Kenneth Peter Product, Pricing, and Channels Paper A detailed description of the features of your product or service including how it solves the needs of your target market: The Apple Watch II features a sapphire crystal screen, increased water resistance, and kinetic battery technology. The use of a sapphire crystal screen isn’t considered that technology advanced, however, its crystal-clear transparency and hardness, second to a diamond, makes it an ideal product for display screens. This will help against scratches or possible cracking. The Apple Watch II will also have an…show more content…
While Apple Inc. does not offer price promotions, in this phase Apple Inc. may allow its retailers to bundle the Apple Watch II with accessories to improve its competitive edge. When the Apple Watch II finally enter into the decline phase, it will become very important for Apple Inc. to begin “leaking” information around the next iteration of the product. Apple Inc. can release information such as specs on future products, features, benefits and possibly even a release date for the next product. The packaging you will use for your product or service and how it will add value: The entire concept of the Apple Watch II is very intriguing, but what fascinates customers even more is the packaging of the product itself. Packaging is an important aspect in marketing and Apple Inc. takes package design very seriously. “Packaging involves promoting, protecting, and enhancing the product.” (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2014, p. 211). The Apple Watch II will be displayed attractively in a seamless clear case complete with the Apple logo. This will allow the consumer to see the beauty of the product in its presentation but also promotes the Apple brand at point of purchase. The Apple Watch II will integrate a charging dock base that doubles as a watch stand/holder within its packaging design. It will have two USB points allowing the consumer to
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