Product Producing Cereals As Breakfast Food

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Executive Summary This paper will discuss about a particular product producing cereals as breakfast food. The product for this document is Weet-Bix that is a cereal made from wheat, which is well-known for its brand popularity and nutrition. In this document firstly the background, introduction and company history will be talk over. Secondly, this paper will discuss about the products of Weet-Bix, and its ingredients. Thirdly, marketing mix will be discussed, which includes product, price promotions and place subtopics for the discussion. Furthermore to this, the Weet-Bix promotions, it advertisement and sales promotions will be argued. Fourthly, the market will be analysed and will be talk about the competitors of Weet-Bix and a simple SWOT analysis also be included. In the final glance of the topic some recommendations will be given and will finish up with conclusion. Introduction and Background As the old adage says, breakfast literally “break the fast” of night-time laziness. Morning meal is filling one’s storming belly and providing stamina to face the entire day. Tea, coffee, egg, noodle, bread, artificially fruit-flavoured foods with milk, steamed rise and cereals are the most famous and regularly preferable breakfast found in most cultures and cuisines around the world. According to the Liangli, Rong and Fereidoon (2012, p-1), cereals alone as a breakfast captured $24.5 billion in global market in 2008, and it’s grow roughly 17.1% to a total value of $28.7
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