Product Selection Paper

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Week 3 Team A Assignment: Product Selection PaperIn the world of organizational management, business and operations managers must work together to be able to implement processes which will ultimately bring products and services to life. New innovation will be researched thoroughly by the organizational managers so that once a product or service is approved for fabrication or implementation the processes used are compatible and efficient. In this paper Team A will discuss product selection and will focus on two products selected. Team A will analyze the products and discuss the pros and cons in comparison to each other. Team A will also discuss the decision making criteria used to select the products and lastly analyze baseline data…show more content…
Pros and ConsAlthough both of these sandwiches are a healthy choice, not all people like or enjoy the taste of a tortilla, whether corn or flour regardless of the reduced price as it relates to a typical sandwich. Some people do not care that the ingredients are organic or come from a can, nor do they like the manner, in which, they have to eat a Burrito because it becomes messy for some people. The McTurkey is a good wholesome sandwich that is loved by millions across the world. This sandwich is versatile, meeting the needs of those who enjoy a healthy sandwich and cannot eat without having a slice of bread. This sandwich can even be enjoyed without the bread for those people who are watching their carbs. This Club sandwich covers several food groups and is big enough to satisfy a healthy appetite due to the size of the sandwich. For those with less healthy appetites, eat half for lunch and, the other half for dinner. Decision-Making CriteriaIn analyzing these products, Team A chose the McTurkey club because of the versatility of the sandwich; it can be enjoyed with or without bread. The price is affordable, especially since it can be eaten as two meals, or split with a friend. Although the sandwich is over 900 calories, this sandwich will assist in a weight loss program which allows for a 1500 calorie intake per day. Baseline DataData is the foundation of any effective objectives-setting or benchmarking initiative. Once McDonalds identifies the
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