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Products of Pragati Life Insurance Company are given below: Product-1 Jibon Sathi (With bonus) This is very special saving Insurance Policy. Now-a-days seen in many policy’s insured gets only half of the policy amount after 4/5 years. But in Pragati Life Insurance Policy the insured will benefit by after 5 years in every year. Characteristics: 1. After 5 years complete of policy, the insurer will get 10% of policy in every single year. After completing the policy time the insured will received the policy amount with bonus. 2. Before ending the policy time, if the insured will die by paying one or more policy in spite of that the insurance company will pay the policy amount with discount. As an example Tk. 1,00,000…show more content…
And ending of 2/3 time of the policy the insured ger another 25% of insurance amount. After ending policy time, the insured will get remain 50% of insurance amount with profit. If the policy holder die before ending policy time, the nomine will get the insurance amount. Product-7 Jibon Bondhu (with bonus) By Jibon Bondhu policy, Pragati Life Insurance offer a special facilities for the insured. The insured can change his policy as he like. If he is not altering, the insured will get insurance amount with bonus or if he dies, the nominated person will get insurance amount with bonus. After crossing 4 years of policy, the policy holder also change his policy. For that some operations under change will be applied. They are: In this policy under, if insured changes his policy after 4 yearsm, the policy holders get some advantages with some extra facilities .The policy will change under these alternatives. They are: Alternatives-1 The premium will not pay after 4 years, the risk of insurance amount can be taken for the entire periods. If the finishing of policy time, the holder is alive, he will get the premium with bonus. Alternatives-2 Not paying premium for rest of the policy time after 4 years, extra insurance policy can be taken or take the advantage. But in this case the premium will not return after ending of policy period. The authorities will take decision about the increasing insurance amount. Alternatives-3

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