Production And Operations Management : A Product Is Defined As The Thing Offered For Deal

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The focus of any business is to provide needs of customer by providing military and supplies, and in this procedure generate value for customers and solve their trouble. Production and operations management talks about applying big business association and management concepts in formation of supplies and military (1).
PRODUCT: A product is defined as the thing offered for deal. A product can be a facility or an item. It can be material or in virtual form. Every product is made with some particular cost and each is sold at a price. The price depends on the quality, marketing etc (2).
Product can be different object for different people like for customer product is mix of utilities because customer expects some uses from product. For example Body wash can be identified by cleanliness of body, health, fragrance and also freshness. For production manager the product is multiplication of various operations and surfaces because he/she responsible for production of product. For finance manager product can be mixing of various costs because he/she responsible for profits of the product (3).
PRODUCTION: Production is a technical process which involves transformation of raw material (input) into required product or service (output) by adding up economic cost (1). In other words it is the step-by-step transformation of one form of material into another form through chemical or mechanical processes (4).
PRODUCTION SYSTEM: The production system of a company is that branch, which…
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