Production Of A Product Line

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Abstract— Everything that needs to be manufactured requires a ‘precise‘ Bill of Materials (BoM) which described exactly what specific items, components or parts composed the products that has been specified / ordered. For complex configured products, such as mass-produced passenger cars, the vehicle that is ordered by the client is configured to his / her requirements – on the basis of an all-possible option in a ‘configurable BoM‘ i.e. the 150% BoM from which all-possible ‘configured BoM variants‘ or the 100% BoMs can be created. The 150% BoM is just another name for a variant structure, or more specifically, a configurable BoM which contains the ‘art of the possible’ of a product line. A variant BoM contains more parts and assemblies than actually needed to assemble the (final) product – the 150% of the parts. In Manufacturing terms, variant BoMs can be used specifically for Assembled-To-Order or ETO (Engineered-To- Order). Variant management helps to find the best combination of standard components and custom components which balances customer’s product requirements and product costs. This paper will give information on the process towards creating & integrating the variants within the PLM for WARMAN and ISOGATE brand products. In the Engineer – to – order (ETO) products and equipment industry, Manufacturers build products designed to specific requirements. The challenges faced by the manufacturer’s sales team while handling customer requirements

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