Production Of Biogas From Renewable Resources Essay

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Title: PRODUCTION OF BIOGAS FROM RENEWABLE RESOURCES –ANIMAL WASTE BIOGAS FROM WASTE AND RENEABLE RESSOURCES Introduction (background information) Nearly three billion people worldwide rely on biomass fuels (2.4 billion) and coal (0.4 billion) burnt inefficiently on open fires or simple stoves. These traditional household energy practices have dramatic consequences for health, the environment and socio-economic development. Ensuring access to clean and efficient household energy is therefore a major and urgent challenge faced by low- and middle-income countries. Energy is a key factor for economic and social development. Worldwide, more than two billion people lack access to sustainable and modern energy technologies, (Amigun et al, 2008). In African energy sector, reform is rampant, institutional roles are shifting and new players are entering the market. Rising prices of crude oils and its related pollution which has seen decline in ozone layer has seen many countries adopting renewable methods to substitute this. Othere energy sources like electricity are still out of reach by many people. energy needs of the developing world have to be met in a sustainable manner. The invention and diffusion of green energy technologies in developing countries is one of the strategies perceived as instrumental in combating the negative effects related to the use of traditional hearths (Rwiza, 2009). In Kenya the three main sources of energy are: petroleum, electricity and wood
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