Production Of Wine Production : Viticulture And Wine Making

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Viticulture denotes to the cultivation, growing, and harvesting of grapes for the means of wine production. It is a global agriculture activity that encompasses the production of wine at vineyards by the use of grape growing. Viticulture is a rich and thriving industry which is demonstrated through of the aspects of its nature, spatial patters, and future directions of viticulture on a global scale.

On a global level the wine industry involves two major undertakings: viticulture and wine making. Viticulture is a branch of the horticulture science, exploring the production, study, and science of grapes, while winemaking refers to the production of grapes in order to produce wine. A variety of wines can be made including red wines, white wines, fortified, and sparkling wines.
To achieve wine, the fermentation process is created through added yeasts, allowing the grapes natural sugars to transform into alcohol content forming the wine.

Viticulture is a specialised agriculture profession, with grape quality being of high importance to viticulturists in the production of wine. A vast amount of grape varieties are used in the global production of wine making, with the most popular including Cabernet Sauvignon (6.3%), Merlot (5.81%), Airen (5.48%), and Tempranillo (5.05%). Worldwide 71% of harvested grapes are used for wine production with 27% for fresh fruit use, and 2% as dried fruit. These statistics demonstrate the wide scale structure of viticulture at a global level,…

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