Production Of Wine Production : Viticulture And Wine Making

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Viticulture denotes to the cultivation, growing, and harvesting of grapes for the means of wine production. It is a global agriculture activity that encompasses the production of wine at vineyards by the use of grape growing. Viticulture is a rich and thriving industry which is demonstrated through of the aspects of its nature, spatial patters, and future directions of viticulture on a global scale. On a global level the wine industry involves two major undertakings: viticulture and wine making. Viticulture is a branch of the horticulture science, exploring the production, study, and science of grapes, while winemaking refers to the production of grapes in order to produce wine. A variety of wines can be made including red wines, white…show more content…
These specific climate conditions assist in growing grapes to their desired quality to produce wine, rarely are grapes grown out of these regions with growers having to adapt to local conditions. Globally, viticulture spatial patterns can be partly identified by a large new world grape growing increase. According to table 1.1 China has overtook the old world countries in grape growing at 14% globally, a large increase from China’s previous position in 2005. Although with this increase of grape growing in China new world countries still account for the largest area of vineyards. There are 7,519,000 million hectares of vineyards globally with Spain having the largest amount per country at 1.02 million as seen in Table 1.1: Grape Growing Trends. in graphic 1.1. France, Italy, and Spain together account for 59% of all wine exports and Chile, Australia, and the United States 14.4%. Continuing the lead of old world countries in viticulture with new world countries global stance steadily increasing. The current trends in global wine consumption and production are exemplified by new world and old world wine patterns. The global wine industry consumption patterns are relative toward the production patterns, with many top producing countries also being the top consuming countries. As seen in the below graphic 1.1, France, Italy, Spain, and the United States all come out ahead in being the worlds top four wine producing countries.
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