Production/Operation Concerns When Implementing Strategies

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Production/Operation concerns when implementing strategies Introduction In the growing global competition, the productivity is the key for the survival of any business organization. Among different functions in an organization, production/operations function is a vital function which does the job of value addition to product/service, respectively. Maximizing the value addition automatically results in productivity improvement. This can be done starting from the stage of product development and concentrating on various other intermediate tasks and finally through implementation of proper quality control system and maintenance of equipments. This amounts to tackling the management issues in each and every sub system of production/operation…show more content…
World is going through climate changes. In recent months we have seen a lot of snow in Britain. This had a major affect on businesses. People could not come to work due to heavy snow. Production was slow. Demand of non common things were high. Legal factor Legal factor can affect how a company operates, demand of its product and its cost. This factor involve legislation in which company operates. Changes in health and safety law, consumers law and employment law has a major affect on planning strategies of an business. Factor Could include: Political e.g. EU enlargement, the Euro, international trade, taxation policy Economic e.g. interest rates, exchange rates, national income, inflation, unemployment, Stock Market Social e.g. ageing population, attitudes to work, income distribution Technological e.g. innovation, new product development, rate of technological obsolescence Environmental e.g. global warming, environmental issues Legal e.g. competition law, health and safety, employment law [pic] SWOT analysis also have a great impact in business strategy of an organization. It gives a brief idea of strength, weakness, opportunities and threat of an organization. This helps them to improve their operations and quality of product. As we can take an example of Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut is a international brand and always has first mover advantage. Running a business involves planning for current era and future. Pizza Hut has adopted

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