Production Planning And Inventory Control

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From the flow chart above, the Production Planning and Inventory Control Processes covers manufacturing, storage, and related areas. Specifically, the production planning controls the designing and management of the entire airplane manufacturing processes input material scheduling and acquisition, manufacturing, design, and material handling. The inventory control is on the design and management of storage procedures for the raw materials inputs in the airplane manufacturing processes, work-in-progress inventories, and final products.
The Distribution and Logistics segment is in-charge of determining the products retrieval and transportation from the storage to the retailers. These products may be transported to retailers directly, or may first be moved to distribution facilities, which, in turn, transport products to retailers.
This process also covers management of all inventories retrieved, transportation, and finished product delivery to the final consumers. It indicates that the supply chain process is a synergy where each processes relates with the other to produce an integrated supply chain.
Boeing company uses a supply chain processes that segmented to various areas of specializations and each segment ensure an efficient flow process that becomes an input utility for the next segment. And this entity and functional relationships enables Boeing to properly harness its resources through lean management to become a leader in the aerospace manufacturing, distribution…
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