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Production Report Planning At the beginning of our Foundation Production, we were given four scenarios which we could do; they were a Thriller Movie, a Children’s Television Programme, A magazine or a Radio Advert. After looking at them carefully, I decided to produce an opening sequence of a Thriller Movie. The sequence had to be at least two minutes long. For this I had to Analysis three existing Media Texts, make a storyboard for my movie, a script for the story, planning a schedule, making the actual production, etc. when I was thinking of the filming, I had to think of a thriller movie that would be spine chilling and is not predictable when it comes to the audience watching it.…show more content…
This is what I kept in mind when I began to make my thriller movie. I then went on to use this in my production. When I was thinking of a storyline for my thriller movie, I had to think of who were the target audience that I was aiming at. The targeting audience’s age range was 15+, meaning that the certificate for my thriller would have been a 15 or 18 certificates. There was no particular social class or nationality that I was targeting, but I thought it would appeal to teenagers who are about to turn into adults. This is because if I was producing a whole movie I would make it into as murder mystery, if I had put the age range lower, the younger audiences may of found it hard to understand the storyline, this is just because of scenes such as murders, investigations, etc. I got my inspiration from movies such as The Bone Collector and Saw. Any audiences who like the films mentioned previously will like the film that I have produced. Planning My planning started off with me writing out a questionnaire. This questionnaire basically was helping get some ideas for my thriller movie
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