Production and Sale of Cigarettes Should Be Illegal

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Along the history the discussion of made illegal the production and sale of cigarettes has been one of the principal’s topic in our society. It not only has a negative impact in the human health, but also can cause death. That’s why the discussion had grown up through the history between smokers and non-smokers. Obviously non-smokers people are against to the production of the cigarettes, and in the other hand people that like smoke think that everybody has to have the right of buy and smoke cigarettes. Because smoking is horrible for your health, do not has any benefits and the most important non-smokers people can be more affected than the smokers the production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal. But why is this so controversial? Smokers can’t live without cigarettes because they became addicted to this bad habit. They don’t think in the risk of get a cancer or any other bad illness. They also get angry when they take many hours without smoking. It is also a big industry making a lot of money using the health of the people that consume it. The big producers will not close their factories because they know that they do lot money in this industry. First of all, even though most of the people know about the danger of smoking they don’t care about it. Smoking in the twentieth century killed only 100 million people, whereas a billion could perish in our century unless we reverse course.(1) The majority of the people know that smoking can cause
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