Productions and Operations Management

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Traditional statistical tools are descriptive statistics like the mean and range, used to describe qualitative characteristics. Acceptance sampling is a process of taking a random sample or portion of a batch and deciding whether to accept or reject the whole batch. SPC is a process that uses samples to determine whether a process is functioning normally or not (Ryan, 2011). Traditional statistical tools describe the quality characteristics although they do not elucidate the extent of the quality (whether good or bad). Acceptance sampling determines whether an entire batch produced should be accepted or rejected after the goods have been produced. However, SPC tracks the process to ensure it is functioning properly for a given period. These tools can be used together effectively. Traditional statistical tools are used as inputs into SPC, which is updated frequently enough to ensure that quality problems are identified in good time. Finally, after a batch has been produced, acceptance sampling is used to determine whether the batch is of good quality or not.
The statistical process control
Statistical process control is a technique of controlling, monitoring, and improving processes via statistical analysis. The philosophy behind this tool holds that…
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