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Products/Pricing: The first product of Lindt is Lindor which is a truffle ball that Lindt & Sprüngli introduced in 1949. Lindor is now characterized by a hard chocolate shell and a smooth chocolate filling. It comes in both a ball and a bar variety as well as in a variety of flavors. They have also chocolate bar with multiple flavors such as, • Mint Intense: dark chocolate infused with mint • Orange Intense: dark chocolate infused with orange essence and almond flakes • Black Currant: dark chocolate infused with pieces of black currant and almond slivers • White Coconut: white chocolate with crisp flakes of fine coconut • Coconut: dark chocolate with crisp flakes of coconut • Almond: white chocolate with whole roasted almonds and…show more content…
Those flavors are: • 70% Dark Chocolate • White Chocolate Framboise • Sable Cookies and Cream • Chocolate Chip Hazelnut • White Chocolate and Vanilla Bean There prices are not to exaggerate, they go from $3.99 for 4.4 ounce, to $9.50 for 10.05 ounce. All the chocolate bar have the same price. Customer Service Philosophy and Response to Issues: The customer service philosophy at Lindt is “At Lindt we 're as dedicated to providing you with quality customer service as we are passionate about fine chocolate.”The customer service take care of tracking your order, the shipping, the return and guarantees, gift card balance, the reward club balance, and the catalog signup. When customers calls Lindt customer service, they are served well and the associate answer quickly to the customer question. According to several review of customers, they are completely satisfied by the costumer service at Lindt. Global Issues/Challenges: The global issues and challenges in the world of chocolate is first, competition in the chocolate market is fierce. In such a highly competitive market, the chocolate manufacturers must employ clever marketing tactics to appeal to many cultures around the world. Point-of-purchase marketing is an important part of their strategy, as chocolate is frequently an impulse purchase. Then, cocoa prices are largely dependent on growing conditions and

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