Prof. Felix Walter

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The painting of Prof. Felix Walter (Figure 1) made with watercolour on paper on stretcher by Charles Fraser Comfort stands out as an intriguing piece of artwork because of the visual choices C. F. Comfort has produced. I was able to appreciate this work as I had the privilege of attending the Nuit Blanche exhibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg on the first of October, 2016 where Prof. Felix Walter was in display at. I found this particular artistry stood out because of its placement in dominance from the other paintings, the use of contrasting styles using the same medium and the bold textures that divulge the prominence of the subject. The artist, C. F. Comfort is worth being aware of because of his exceptional work such as this painting. The composition fashioned by the art gallery should also be duly noted as it took part in making this particular piece stand out.…show more content…
Felix Walter by smartly framing the painting as seen in Figure 2. It is in between two noticeably smaller pieces that are obviously created with different styles and is distinctively larger than its neighbouring artwork, being more than twice their size. It boasts a sleek, solid black modern frame in comparison to the antique-like characteristics of the frames that the nearby paintings are comprised of. It is also more eye-catching because whilst the opposite pieces are close-up portraits, Prof. Felix Walter is a full body painting, creating a balance to the representation. On closer observation as a spectator, I was also able to notice that C. F. Comfort’s painting had more vibrant colours than the two beside it. It consists of a wider pallet than the neutral shades the opposite paintings subsists of, assisting in its
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