Profesional Ethics

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The issues discussed by Thomas Nagel in "Ruthlessness in Public Life" are that continuities and discontinuities exist between the public and private morality. Public officials need to recognize that there are clear limitations on actions which conflict with morality concerns. Nagel explored how public and private sectors need to adhere to certain ordinary moral standards. To rectify these issues of construed morality, Nagel explores a few options. Nagel states that "If one of them takes on a public role, he/she accepts certain obligations, certain restrictions, and certain limitations on what he/she accepts" This statement incurs that public officials have distinct authority over the public which maybe construed by personal…show more content…
"The lawyer's situation is different from that of other professionals. The lawyer is vulnerable to some moral criticism that does not as readily or as easily attach to any other professional." This statement acknowledges that lawyers are faced with a variety of issues that many other professional do not have to cope with. Wasserstrom also considers the fact that in many situations lawyers have the optional ability to remove themselves form issues that may contradict their individual ethics. "Having once agreed to represent the client, the lawyer in under an obligation to do his or her best to defend that person at trial." With in the process of contracting a lawyer, the lawyer has the option of acceptance or refusal of representing the client. Therefore the lawyer can asses the case and decide if it violates any of their own individual ethics. The fact that lawyers are positioned in an amoral world was one of Wasserstrom arguments. A lawyer's relationship with their clients consists of complex inequalities. Some of the reasons that Wasserstrom indicates that a lawyer exists in an amoral world is explicitly evident in the example of the Watergate cover up. "I think, at least a plausible hypothesis that the predominance of lawyers was not accidental." Wasserstrom goes one to say "the lawyer as professional comes to inhabit a

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