Professional Accountability : The Foundation Of Communication

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Professional accountability will be another pillar because our staff should know our expectations and our patients should be assured they are getting the best from our staff. Readiness will be another aspect of our mission and vision statements because our staff should always be ready for the unexpected and should know the laws that regulate their actions. Along with that comes professional development which will help our staff be ready and accountable for their jobs and for future jobs that will be made available for the future. Underlying all these pillars will be the foundation of communication because a good health care facility will have good communication from its numerous departments and care facilities. The best care that patients get is when physicians, specialists, technicians, and pharmacists are all communicating with each other to provide quality healthcare and excellent service. In order to develop a diverse workforce communication will be required for the committees to communicate with each other for the best possible candidates. And in order to create professional accountability, readiness, and development communication will be key in providing the information needed for success. At 21st Century Solutions we will have an extensive hiring and credentialing plan for our nurses, physicians, and allied professionals. Our executive committee will be in charge of making sure systems are set up in order to interview qualified candidates that are licensed and
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