Professional Activities And Social Work

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1. What professional activities have I engaged in during the week? (Don’t just list your activities. There should be some discussion of them.)
Since the first day of field placement I have engaged in several professional activities, which made me further realize that a professional career in social work is the right path for me. On my very first day I was exposed to the professional activities of social work, but to my surprise I went on my first hospital visit with the Lead Care Coordinator. I was very nervous because it was first professional encounter as well as my first day as an internship. Once we arrived at the hospital I was not as nervous because the Lead Care Coordinator thoroughly explained to me the procedures that Social workers do while at the hospital. After gathered all the necessary paper work, we began making visits to all the patients’ rooms in order to offer our services. We were able to enroll two patients into our program, while others declined. After leaving the hospital the Lead Care Coordinator questioned my experience and I was able to tell her that it was scary, yet a great learning opportunity. After the first day, I was able to gain even more exposure as I went to visit Maude Whatley’s Health Clinic in order to schedule appointments for patients, offer our services to eligible clients, and advocate for services that our patients need. Home visits are other professional activities that I have had the opportunity to engage in. During home visits a…
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