Professional And Personal Development Plan

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Professional & Personal Development Plan Hiqmat. D. Bello A professional development plan is a plan written by an individual that consist of an strength and weakness , opportunities and the likely challenges to be faced in his personal and development life. I will start here by explaining what my personal development plan are in relation to my strength and weaknesses. I will explain these strength and weaknesses in openness to experience, conscientiousness, agreeableness, neuroticism. The openness side of me state that I am a curious person, it state that I like change and I am very fascinated with new ideas. Conscientiousness side of me explains that I like to plan; I am very responsible and very organized. The conscientiousness side will help greatly in my job life. The agreeableness side of me explains that I like to make friends and that I am very trusting in nature. The neuroticism side of me explains that I am very calm person and I have the ability to withstand stress. In addition, I have strength in communication aspects, when I am relating to people regardless of diversity. I am self-aware of my self-aware of others; I listen to people and considers their point of view. I also respect their viewpoints and perspective. Furthermore, in conflict management I encourage constructive conflicts because it develop more ideas and brainstorming
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