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The article which I read was called "Child abuse and neglect and adult intimate relationships: a prospective study" by Rebecca A. Colman and Cathy Spatz Widom.

A) The concept studied was about the effects of abused children on there later years as adults. There were several theoretical perspectives and it was hypothesized that they would find a link between child maltreatment and impaired social functioning. The study wanted to prove that abused and neglected children would develop thoughts which would be detrimental to forming good interaction between other people, and their sexual partner.
B) The problem examined was the inability for abused or neglected children to interact with intimate partners. They used a "large prospective
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I believe that the hypothesis was supported because the adults who were abused showed signs of it later in life, and had trouble with relationships.
D) The author said that he had got the answer which he expected. Adults who had been abused in there earlier years showed signs in their adulthood. They had a problem with maintain intimate relationships with there counterpart. The author said that the problem with the study is that it can't be generalized to the entire population of abused and neglected children. Another problem is the reports came from lower socioeconomic background, so the author also was unaware of the information which may come from an upper-class family, and if the findings would be the same. It did not really mention any research which had been studied in the area.
E) Being a future teacher this article actually means a lot to me. My job will be to make sure that my students are safe. I have every intention in making sure that if I see any signs of maltreatment or neglect that I will report them right away. It is terrible that parents can be this mean to children that it affects them into the later years of their life. This article relates a lot to class and the things which we discussed earlier in the year; abuse is an extremely tough topic. Most of the time you can't even tell if a child is being abused, the toughest things about this is their outside may be fine, but in the inside their being eaten
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