Professional Association For Mechanical Engineer

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What is your professional association? for mechanical engineer
Why does it exist?
Asme has an important purpose. According to ASME web page published on the ASME web site,”The ASME Foundation provides support for ASME programs, scholarships, awards and honors. The ASME Foundation champions ASME's mission to serve diverse global communities by advancing, disseminating and applying engineering knowledge for improving the quality of life, and communicating the excitement of engineering.” [1]. I personally believe this website is credible because what they are offering could help many young engineers and even some experienced engineers learn some new things, because as the saying goes “the more you know the more you are worth” and that is
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According to ASME web page published on the ASME web site,“As an ASME student member, you gain skills and practical experience outside the classroom. Connect with professional engineers in your area of interest; get access to hundreds of key resources that will open doors when you start your professional career.[4]”I believe the benefits are good on there own but these benefit a student in the process of mastering something in my field more than someone who has done it for a while.

Where is your professions code of ethics of conduct located? How is it organized?
ASME standards that are located on the ASME website have their priorities in order“Develop the best, most applicable codes, standards, conformity assessment programs, and related products and services in the world for the benefit of humanity. Involved the best and brightest people from all around the world to develop, maintain, and promote the use of these ASME products and services world about. [5]” From the ASME has said they put the people's safety in front of everything else. ASME is trying to throw america into the future while at the same time making sure we all me it to dee that future safe and sound.

What are your professions values?
The whole point of mechanical engineering at a glimpse is to make life easier and better for the human race, and ASME share that point of view as stated on the ASME website“ASME develops voluntary standards that enhance
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