Professional Athletes And Entertainers Research Paper

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Many professional athletes and entertainers earn large sums of money for telling jokes, throwing a football, swinging a bat, and shooting a basketball. The people that drive trucks, save lives, and serve in the military don’t get paid as much as they do. They suffer more than the professional athletes and entertainers do too. Professional athletes and entertainers make very large sums of money for hardly doing anything. Professional athletes and entertainers don’t risk their lives or save lives. Why should they make more money than the people who do? Professional athletes and entertainers could do more with their money like help the homeless and hungry. The people that are away from their families for long amounts of time or the people that get shot at on a daily basis why they don’t make as much money as professional athletes and entertainers do. The people that save lives, risk their only lives to save others, and help people should get paid more than professional athletes and entertainers do. Professional athletes and entertainers don’t deserve all the fame and fortune. Police officers and soldiers risk their lives to protect people and save people and they don’t that as much respect or money as they professional athletes and entertainers do.…show more content…
They should make less than the military and first responders, but still make enough to be rich because they are professional athletes and entertainers. In my opinion, there should be a limit in how much they can make. Many professional athletes and entertainer earn a lot of money for really doing nothing. The people who risk their lives to save others and help others don’t get paid as they do. They even suffer more than they do by being away from their family, money troubles, and they might not know if they will ever see their families
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