Professional Athletes Should Be Allowed At The Olympic Games

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With the multi-billions of dollars that the Olympics earn and spend, it’s certainly is in the best interest of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to remain under the circumstances of keeping sport open to professional athletes, not only financially, but as well as the majority of their viewers. In this position statement, I will use historic International Olympic Committee guidelines (1964) and official IOC reports as a basis for proving that professional athletes should be allowed to participate in the Olympic Games.

To successfully understand what differentiates a professional athlete from an amateur athlete, and the issues that arise from it, we must understand how the International Olympic Committee defines a professional and amateur athlete. According to the “Eligibility Rules of the International Olympic Committee” published in 1964,

a person was only eligible to participate in the Olympic games if they were an advocate for sport, without material gain of any kind. He does not qualify:

a) If he has not a basic occupation designed to insure his insure his present and future livelihood;

b) If he receives or has received remuneration for participation in sport ;

c) If he does not comply with the Rules of the International Federation concerned, and the official interpretations of this Rule number 26 '. (Eligibility Rules of the International Olympic Committee,1964. p. 5)

If the Olympics were restricted to only amateur athletes, the “my country is better…
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