Essay on Professional Athletes and Steriod Use

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Steroid is a name given to drugs that are manufactured from testosterone, a reproductive hormone found in men. Some athletes normally use anabolic steroids because these drugs improve one’s capacity to compete and train, yielding high results. Steroids work by reducing exhaustion during training, and also reduce the length of time an athlete needs to recover from exhaustion. In addition, steroids enable the growth of tissues and muscles in an athlete’s body by instructing the body to produce extra proteins. During the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin, the first rumors of athletes using steroids emerged. The problem of athletes using steroids was again reported in 1954 during weight lifting championships. The Soviet athletes recorded a very…show more content…
Clemens was one of the athletes mentioned in a book Juiced written by another baseball player Jose Canseco. Canseco mentioned Clemens as one of his colleagues who had a deeper understanding of steroid use. In a report published about the baseball players who use steroids, Clemens was mentioned eighty two times. The report claimed that Clemens used anabolic steroids, amphetamines, and growth hormones supplied to him by an individual recommended by the former Yankee couch Brian McNamee (Canseco 145). McNamee also confessed that he personally injected Clemens with a steroid called Winstrol during the baseball seasons starting from 1998 to 2001. These allegations made Clemens to be summoned by house committee, and he denied using steroids. The committee recommended further investigations to be conducted by the justice department after noticing that there were some inconsistencies in the testimony provided by Clemens. The department of justice reinvestigated the claims with the aim of determining whether Clemens had lied initially. A grand jury was constituted in 2009 to clarify these allegations; however, the alleged use of steroids had already damaged Clemens’s career and legacy. The use of steroids made the various organizations, especially charitable ones, which were previously associated with Clemens to remove his name from their brands. Despite Clemens’

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