Professional Behavior, Communication, Boundaries, And Writing Skills

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My field experience has been wonderful so far for the first semester. I have gained valuable information for the last couple on months interning at my agency. For this self-evaluation I will be describing the1-3 and 6-9 competencies I set up at the beginning of the semester and see if I have achieved these skills. I will also address the growth and challenges I have come upon throughout this semester. For competency one on processional and ethical practice I wanted to demonstrate having a professional behavior, communication, boundaries, and writing skills throughout the semester. I also wanted to provide integrity, competence, core values, services, dignity, and worth in the agency and my clients. In addition being aware of the mandating reporting, parental consent, and legal consent in the school setting. I feel the growth in this competency I have gained a lot by the agency in proving lots of training, group supervision, and individual supervision has not only broaden my skills but have gained valuable knowledge of what to do in certain situations. For some of the challenges I encounter at the beginning was learning about mandating reporting and how much work it goes into calling, summiting the paperwork all this is a curial aspect when doing a CWS report. For example, when doing my first mandated report my supervisor stayed and walk me through each step to make sure I did it correctly which was wonderful and learned the right way to do a mandated report.
In competency
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