Professional Biography : Career Goals

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Professional Biography
I have been working in the healthcare field for over 25 years now. The past 14 years I have been a physical therapist assistant. 11 of the 14 years I worked for HealthCare Midwest, until they joined Bronson Hospital in 2014. In three of the 14 years, I was also the Assistant Clinical Director for a clinic that I helped start in Portage, Michigan. However, two years ago, Bronson decided to cut back on the number of leaders they had in the rehabilitation department and the director over our departments would not allow me to apply for the manager’s position over the three Bronson HealthCare Midwest clinics, because I only had a bachelor’s degree. Consequently, I took a pay cut of $18,000 a year, but it motivated me
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I never have that thought because I strongly understand who I am and what my beliefs are.
Self-awareness and self-leadership. I understand what I say and do can affect other people, along with way people look at me. I strongly believe in treating everyone the way that I want to be treated. My belief is that I never want anyone to see me on the side of the road in need of help and not wanting to stop to help me, because of who I am.
Positive personality. As I said earlier, I had to take a pay cut of $18000 two years ago. I could have been mad at the world, but instead I did not let effect the way that I looked at my employer and it gave me the boost that I needed to obtain my MBA.
Additionally, my personality at work has brought many of patients back to our clinic. I often get messages from the other clinics that I have worked for at Bronson to let me know that a certain patient was upset that I was not working there anymore due to wanting to work with me.
This is when a person examines the areas in which they need to improve and things that will set back a person career. According to McCoy (2009) about understanding our weaknesses, she states “When we are able to identify our weaknesses, as well as the threats to which our weaknesses expose us, we are able to see clearly the true challenge of converting our strengths into opportunities” (p. 86). For this reason, I feel the following are my weaknesses.
Experience. I have

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