Professional Biography. I Was Born In Lapeer, Michigan.Growing

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Professional Biography I was born in Lapeer, Michigan. Growing up in the country among my brother and male cousins on the farm and on my grandparents tractor sales business allowed me to have many adventures with farm equipment, silos, and barns as my playgrounds. I learned quickly to use my imagination, to be creative, and how to be responsible very early. I also learned with farming and machinery, that we always need to be willing to lend a helping hand filled with compassion, when someone had a need.
My parents were my first real teachers. My dad, a police officer, and my step-father, was an EMT. Both of them taught me early, the value of hard work, discipline, compassion, and sacrifice. They taught me how to listen with
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He, in a calm gentle manner, asked me questions about my life. I remember because of his demeanor that somehow, I could trust him. He wasn’t judgemental and he really did more listening than talking. When he felt I was done talking, he just encouraged me. I remember him telling me how much he recognized how athletic I was and how I should use my abilities to better my life. He then took me to meet the basketball coach and set up a practice time. I knew that he believed in me and he continued to prove that not just in word but in deed. That was a turning point in my life. I successfully took up basketball, then decided to give volleyball a try. I also became the manager for the Varsity baseball team, which was under the coaching leadership of none other than Mr. Gerlach. It was sports that kept me focused and helped me be more accountable to my grades. It was that teachers life changing influence that inspired me into a career of education. I knew that when I became a teacher and coach, that I wanted to be the teacher that would look deeper, like Mr. Gerlach had done in my life. He saw past the troubled kid without judgement, and instead showed me my strengths and pointed me a direction that showed me my positive potential. He saw leadership skills in me and taught me how to lead well by his encouragement and example.
In my own teaching experience, I work hard to see past the outer surface of each student that enters my
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