Professional Bodies Of The Electro Engineer Essay

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Professional Bodies in Technology

Professional bodies are organizations that have members as individual professionals. To be a member, the profession requires that the professionals to seek a license to practice for them to carry out their jobs. In no lesser way, the professional body overseeing the Electro Engineering has a number of roles.
Professional bodies within the field of electro technology are tasked with a generally oversight role of the standards associated with the field. Most important of all is that the professional bodies focus on advancing electro-technology. In advancing technology, the professional bodies conduct and sponsor exhibitions, symposia and technical meetings over New Zealand. Professional bodies also offer graduates a chance to network with others within the same field. These networks are used by professionals to meet and reflect upon their field of expertise. Alongside this function, the professional bodies in electro technology accredit the stipulated courses under the entire field and certify the professional competence of engineers. According to Robinson (2007), the professional body publishes professional journals to further the field. As will be observed, the professional body, under the compliance of the ethical code of conduct, deals with various complaints against professionals and implements the disciplinary procedures accordingly. Having established this mandate, it follows that they also issue a Code of Conduct to guide the

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