Professional Boundaries As A Registered Nurse

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In today’s society, the growing demand on registered nurses to improve patient centred care has been a fundamental aspect of the nursing practice. Professional boundaries, behaviour and attitudes of the registered nurse towards patient centred care are vital to the progression of an effectual therapeutic nurse patient relationship. Professional boundary violations of ‘under and over’ involvement in the nursing practice can often affect the deprivation of a patient centred approach and a lack of respect and empathy for the patient’s health care needs. Using forms of professional communication approaches such as an emotionally intelligent and caring approach plays a paramount role in all circumstances of nursing care. In this paper, the video “Crossing professional boundaries as a registered nurse” will be analysed in relation to the professional practice anomalies identified in the video. A wide range of quality literature will be used in order to critically discuss therapeutic relationships in relation to the anomalies from the video and how these anomalies may have the ability to impact negatively on both the patient’s care and the nurse’s professional image. An annotated bibliography will be attached to this paper for two literary sources, with a short paragraph illustrating the importance of the sources to this piece of assessment.

The directive term of analysis “is to take apart a concept or statement in order to consider its elements” (QUT,…
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