Essay on Professional Care Action Plan

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Professional Career Action Plan

Renika Johnson


October 22, 2012

Urmi Bhaumik

Professional Career Action Plan

The professional career action plan gives in details my career goals, rather than the personal goals. This professional career action plan will give an insight into the professional strengths and weaknesses, the health care organization to work at, and the knowledge gaps that exist, and professional resume. In this paper will speak on professional goals, the health care career plan to have in the health care sector, skills currently have for health care administrator health care field, skills that will need to be changed or alter. I will state plan for ultimately achieving these
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Responsibilities skills of stay organized and use time management, and keep community healthy and stay healthy. Accomplishments of major in health care administration with concentration in health care information systems with bachelor’s degree. Near completion of my health care administration with concentration health care information systems degree in BSHA program. Continue education with a Master’s degree in health care administration health care field, and to gain more knowledge, and skills in the health care industry to arrive at successful with career position.

Which skills you need to change or alter.

I need to work on my interviewing skills so I can arrive at a health care administration job in the health care field. I need to improve the grammar errors in writing so that the workload I will have will be grammar free. Stay on top of the trends and changes within the health care industry so, I want be lost and confused on the new and advanced changes.

Your plan for ultimately achieving these professional goals.

Plan for ultimately achieving these professional goals is research conducted online on health care administrator health care field. Create a professional resume that I can use for job searching and job interviews. Visit a professional career planning offices to research about services the career planning office offers in health care field. Find health care organizations that I can start an internship at
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