Professional Code of Ethics

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Personal Code of Ethics

Personal Code of Ethics

I believe that my personal code of ethics compares to the professional code of ethics very similar. I believe that no matter what profession a person is in that they should always be honest and trustworthy as well as have good morals and ethics. My code of ethics is very similar to the professional code of ethics. One of the differences between my code of ethics and the professional code of ethics is that I would not do anything for the profession that would ruin or tarnish my reputation. I have somewhat high standards and I do not like to be thought of in a wrong manner. I have good strong morals to support my ethical thinking.
For the most part I believe my personal code of ethics is
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Forensic accountants need to possess strong written and oral communication skills. In this profession it is imperative to have a strong accounting background; a thorough knowledge of auditing, risk assessment, and control and fraud detention; and a basic understanding of the legal system. It is important for forensic accountants to possess the ability to interview and effectively elicit information from people who may not be willing to give truthful answers. Therefore, it is important for forensic accountants to be skeptical of those people that they deal with. Knowledge and experience in financial planning and management techniques, as well as advanced computer skills, including an ability to understand and apply various information technology and accounting systems, are also key characteristics of forensic accountants” (Crumbley, 2003)
One of the most common issues that forensic accountants face is misstatements of a company’s financial position. Some areas of expertise that forensic accountants have are: mortgage banking, securities trading, and insurance fraud just to name a few. After the scandal with the company Enron, there are many companies out there that want to protect themselves and hire forensic accountants to investigate or even prevent fraud in their company. Forensic accountants have liability claims involving ethical
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