Essay on Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity

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Professional Communication Cultural Sensitivity Paper
Linda Ginder
Grand Canyon University - NUR 502
July 10, 2013

Professional Communication Cultural Sensitivity Paper
No culture is growing at a faster pace than the Hispanic population, surpassing African Americans as the largest minority population in the United States. The Hispanic population increased from 35.3 million to 50.5 million in 2010. The intention of this paper is to increase the awareness and understanding of cultural competency and cultural sensitivity toward the Hispanic culture. Cultural competency cannot be overemphasized as it plays an imperative role in the quality of care that is given to different cultures. A culturally insensitive encounter can lead to
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If translators are used, they should be of the same sex if possible. To communicate trust and respect, sit close to the patient, use indirect eye contact, and formally address them.
Key cultural differences that Hispanics have from non-Hispanic people include how they perceive time. The Western culture is very time specific and always in a hurry. The Hispanic culture does not perceive time as a driving force. They live in the present and for them to be 30 minutes or an hour late is actually not considered late. Therefore, if speaking of time schedules for giving medications, nurses need to be specific and address time by a specific number – “by five o’clock” so they understand that it is important to give this medication by a specific time.
Another key difference is related to how they perceive family dynamics. The family unit, including the extended family, is considered the most important social unit and support system. Excluding them in the decision process, will only increase the distrust of the patient with the health provider. A very specific social order and respectfulness goes along with age, gender, and social class. As an example, a grandmother is shown immense respect and if possible should be included in any medical decision. Gaining the trust of a Hispanic patient is very important. Hispanic patients need to believe they can trust their caregivers before they will discuss personal
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