Professional Communication : Cultural Sensitivity

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Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity
Nursing is a dynamic profession, continuously evolving, changing and adapting to a new societal norms and expectations, discoveries of new medical procedures, developments in highly sophisticated technical systems, and breakthroughs in pharmaceutical treatments. Another recent trend that has influenced nursing considerably is the consumer mandate for culturally competent care in an increasingly diverse, multicultural society. Culturally competent care is important for nurses to function in high-acuity and high-stress environment to be effective in establishing rapport with patients, to accurately assess, develop, and implement interventions to meet patients’ needs. (Culturally competent nursing care, 2004). Writer chose an article, “Culturally competent nursing care for American Indian clients in a critical care setting” retrieved from Critical Care Nurse Journal (2005), which focuses on American Indian, Native American, and Alaska Native cultural group, the smallest racial minority groups in the United States, that consists original people indigenous for the North American continent and has been ignored by healthcare system. Access to healthcare for Native Americans is more difficult than for the rest of the population because of their geographic isolation in villages and communities in states that are large in area and have large reservations, poor transportation, lack of running water, and efficient communication system.
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