Professional Communication In Patient Centered Care

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Professional communication is one of the most important step to ensure the patient centred care. It involves documentation, patient’s safety as a result reducing the risks of errors regarding patient’s health care. Nurses and midwives must require understanding their patient throughout their career so that to build as well as keep maintaining strong relationship. They can work on various communication strategies for the holistic care though use of documents, nurse’s appearance, gesture, person-centred care, cultural sensitivity, self- awareness, reflective thinking including critical thinking as well as verbal and non-verbal communication.

At first, communication is understood as the process of delivering as well as receiving
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Patient centred care is defined as the complimentary dialogue of health workforce’s education as it is identified through dignified empathetic clear ideas freely to guide healthy life. However, it requires the four aspects of management such as planning, delivering, implementing and evaluating for the holistic approach along with, which also needs knowledge of health issues to obtain as well as maximize the social benefit through understanding while monitoring by focusing the role of family, community, the cultural and religious diversity must be treated with respect, rights including preferences while protecting their dignity, in addition to choose of empowerment with mutual trust” (NMBA,2016). It consists of ethics, open mind, self-aware including the high sense of personal responsibility for actions in partnership with the patient such as to share treatment decision, preferences, cross -checking, maintaining dignity, communicate, informative as well as to support self-care including management through person centred practice and…show more content…
The legal conversation between clients and health care service provider in the form of written as well as computerized is known as the document. Health assessment with respect to heath issues identification not only include plan, implement, care but also evaluate clinical database for view regarding support practice It also includes the culture sensitivity, lifestyles, heredity to assess the patient. Nowadays, Management information system(MIS) is very commonly viable to organize patient information which helps in personal care including research to conclude decision making while maintaining privacy in a secured manner (Hill, et al., 2017). Because of workload, good nursing documentation is very hard to maintained as it is including meaningful observation, action in a timely manner with accuracy in addition to chart focus to improve standard documentation. poor documentation leads to patients, staffs, and institutions in legal harm as well as physical risk (Blair and
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