Professional Communications Unit 1 Assessment

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Professional Communications Unit 1 Assessment 1. What has your academic history? In which classes have you been successful? In which classes have you struggled? Have your academics changed over the years? My academic history has been dubious over the years I have been in school. I say iffy because my grades have been all over the place if you will. One quarter I 'll A 's and B 's. The next quarter I may have A 's, B 's, and C 's. In elementary I had mostly A 's. If not then A 's and B 's. In middle school is when I started to receive C 's, but I somehow managed to receive A/B honor roll at the end of quarters. Currently I have 1 F, 1 C, a few B 's, and 3 A 's. I really need to work in Prof. Comm. because I have an F in it. My grades never have any correlation between them. The classes I have been successful in is science, technology, English, and history. I 've been successful in science because science is my favorite subject. I 've been successful in technology because I pay attention and utilize the electronics for my benefit. I 've been successful in English because I take good notes and ask questions if any. Also, I 've been successful in history because I find history really enjoyable and very interesting. The classes I have struggled in are math, and Spanish. I say math because I usually don’t remember all the formulas, equation forms, and ways to break down an equation. Also, I haven 't been successful in Spanish because I usually don’t study the material as much as
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