Professional Communition & Cultural Sensitivity Essay

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Professional Communication and Cultural Sensitivity

The United States is increasingly becoming a multiethnic, multicultural group of citizens. Life is no longer similar for all individuals. As people migrate they bring with them their cultural views, beliefs and language (Bhugra and Becker, 2005). In order to live together with respect, dignity and without prejudice for all, the country has had to educate itself on the beliefs and values of these vast cultures migrating to what they perceive as a land of opportunity whether this be for economic, education, or political reasons. For the most part in today’s world, cultural groups are intertwined in where they live, work, and attend school. To maintain a civil society, awareness
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Nurses need to identify patients from a specific cultural background and engage the resources available to assist with communication and to accommodate the patient’s beliefs and traditions while providing care.
The Old Order Amish
In an article by Graham and Cates (2006), they address Old Order Amish population and their view of medical care. This group is Christian with an emphasis on family and community over one’s self. They believe in physical labor with a strong commitment to the church. The Amish believe that their life is in God’s hands and prayer is prominent in their lives. Education for this group is through the eighth grade as they do not believe in higher education. The primary mode of transportation for this group is the horse and buggy while food provisions are from the land they farm.
In understanding healthcare in this group, the Amish are not opposed to western medicine however the monetary aspect can influence care. They will seek alternative methods of treatment such as herbs, vitamins, and reflexology prior to seeking care traditional western medical care. If this group deems a particular procedure too costly they may decline related to the financial constraints it would put on the community as a whole. They do not believe in extraordinary life saving measures as this can be viewed as against God’s will. They are a very stoic group believing that complaining is complaining against God. They do not believe in birth control as they

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