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University of Phoenix Material North American Colonies Project Part 1: Native American Resources Access and review the Early Native Peoples interactive map link available through the HIS 110 [pic] page. Study the map identifying the regional distribution of Native Americans (also located in Ch. 1). Using the grid, identify the seven regions. Then indicate how each of the native tribes within the regions supported themselves prior to the arrival of European civilizations. |Region: |Principle Basis of Subsistence: | |Artic |Fished and hunted seals.…show more content…
In your response be sure to address the ways in which they were similar and different, and why. Be sure to properly cite any references. The most significant differences between the British colonies in North America lay between the ones in New England and those in the south. The colonies of New England were mainly founded by English people escaping religious persecution in England. While, the colonies in the south were founded mainly for financial gain, though some of the New England colonies were stuck out at first for the same reasons. For example, the colony that would soon become Pennsylvania started out as an attempt to make money by selling land parcels to refuges of English religious persecution and others. In the south the colony that would become Virginia started as a corporate venture by the London Company. The proprietors of this company hoped that if they financed a group (and later groups) of people to come to the new world and set up shop that they would make financial gains off the gold they would find (they were convinced there was gold, because of the success the Spanish
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