Professional Competencies : Knowledge From The Foundational Sciences

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Professional Competencies:
Domain 1 - Foundational Knowledge
1.1. Learner (Leaner) – Develop, integrate, and apply knowledge from the foundational sciences (i.e., pharmaceutical, social/behavioral/administrative, and clinical sciences) to evaluate the scientific literature, explain drug action, solve therapeutic problems, and advance population health and patient-centered care.
Domain 2 – Essentials for Practice and Care
2.1 Patient-centered care (Caregiver) – Provide patient-centered care as the medication expert (collect and interpret evidence, prioritize, formulate assessments and recommendations, implement, monitor and adjust plans, and document activities).
2.2 Medication use systems management (Manager) – Manage patient healthcare needs using human, financial, technological, and physical resources to optimize the safety and efficacy of medication use systems.
2.3 Health and wellness (Promoter) – Design prevention, intervention, and educational strategies for individuals and communities to manage chronic disease and improve health and wellness.
2.4 Population-based care (Provider) – Describe how population-based care influences patient-centered care and influences the development of practice guidelines and evidence-based practices.
Domain 3 – Approach to Practice and Care
3.1 Problem Solving (Problem Solver) – Identify problems; explore and prioritize potential strategies; and design, implement, and evaluate a viable solution.
3.2 Educator (Educator) – Educate all…
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