Professional Conduct And The Legal Profession Essay

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QUESTION 1 PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT AND THE LEGAL PROFESSION: PRE ADMISSION EXPECTATIONS The situation as is, requires an analysis of the considerations that go into determination of the expected conduct of an aspiring Advocate. Before a person is called to the Roll of Advocates, they must satisfy particular requirements for the Legal Practitioners Board to accept their applications for admission to practice as members of the Bar to the Supreme Court of Queensland. This brief analysis will consider the position of Ali Khan regarding the objections that have been raised against his admission to the Bar. It shall begin by the arguments for admission and the arguments against and make a conclusion. Problem Statement: Ali Khan has made an application for admission. We are told he satisfies all the requirements to practice law before the Supreme Court of Queensland. However, there have been raised objections by certain objectors who believe that due to particularized allegations Mr. Khan ought not to be admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Queensland. There are allegations that he has close ties to Islamist forces in the country which have engaged in particular activities of protest. Additionally, he has been convicted before for tow offences for being on land unlawfully without excuse. Arguments for: The first argument as to why Ali ought to be admitted as a lawyer of the Supreme Court of Queensland is that he satisfies the eligibility criteria as set out under the
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