Professional Culture Groups

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Professional Cultural Groups CS204-09 Brittany Mayfield Kaplan University December 2, 2014 Author Note This assignment will describe in detail a cultural group in my desired field. Abstract In this report, I will include research on cultural groups in the Management field. As well as an interview with my current Human Resources Manager. Professional Cultural Groups CS204-09 Cultural Groups1 Employees everywhere have in some sort of way adopted several characteristics from their work colleagues. For example in most professions, the individuals that are employed are all wanting to excel in their profession. Unbeknownst, they adopt similar values and behavior patterns as their peers. It’s true that work places consist…show more content…
When it comes to working with other professional cultural groups, as a manager of any profession you should never limit yourself to communicating with other professionals by any means. Another thing that stood out to me the most about our interview was that he brought up the Six Sigma Certification. There are several professional organizations that are associated with the Six Sigma Certification process. For those of you who may not know what Six Sigma is, it’s a professional certification that has become extremely crucial to all businesses that are looking to find employees who have proven that they are responsible enough to contribute to employee prioritization, this includes decreases in failures, increases in satisfaction, and profitability. Among this certification there are many others that are extremely beneficial but also not as expensive as completing master programs. Appendix 1. What makes a person qualify for a management position? A lot of things will make a person qualify for a management position, but one that stands out to me would be dedication. You have to be dedicated to yourself, your profession, and your organization’s goals. 2. What is one thing that you regret about your career? I am not sure if I would necessarily call it a regret. But
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