Professional Dancer Research Paper

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Professional Dancer Before stepping in front of the audience, her heart was pounding through her chest. The shakiness in her legs makes the floor seem closer than usual. The only thing keeping her from falling is her mind knowing how long she spent practicing. This is the moment when thinking too much increases the anxiety to fail. She then steps on the stage to dance with her heart and forgets all about her nervous thoughts. That is what a professional dancer does to perform, enjoy, and breathe the life of a dancer. A professional dancer is a performer who is experienced in all things dance. They entertain people with their body and heart that they put into their work. They enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new ways to have…show more content…
In college, majoring in dance is a challenge and requires them to know different types of dance. A bachelor of fine arts and Bachelor of Arts prepares students for careers as dancers and choreographers. Then the Bachelor of Arts prepares them for careers in dance education, administration, and therapy. After college, trying to get a job you have to let the crowd know who you are and try to get your name out there. The more people that know, the more they want to hire you as a choreographer or as a performer. The salary of a professional dancer just depends on what they are going for. For example, they can become a choreographer or tryout for a dance company. The median hourly wage is $18.33 to $39.28. They can produce more money, which depends on how much they are asking for. Dancers can also travel around the world making money to dance and perform for others. They can be back up dancer for famous artist like, Beyoncé, Kehlani, and Justin Bieber. It just all depends on the auditions and…show more content…
That means their job security by becoming a dancer is endless. They always have a job anywhere in the country, including variety people that share the same passion. Haley Trevino is a successful professional dancer that lived her whole life learning to become a better dancer than ever before. She is a choreographer and teaches dance teams all across the nation. Haley was raised in Odessa, TX, and became an Odessa high showgirl for three years. Then went to college and majored in dance at the University of North Texas. Then she moved to California to improve her dance career.
In her interview, Haley talks about her life and the sacrifices on how she had to leave her family to make her dreams come true. She also talked about how she loves to learn from another dancer and wants others to know that she was a small town girl making it in a big city. Haley’s only dream is to be a role model and a hero for girls who have the same dream as becoming a professional dancer.
Becoming a professional dancer is not an easy career. Learning from being a dancer is an endless and stressful job. There are many obstacles but overcoming them is not impossible. Determination is the only thing that can be the motivation to continue to keep going and to
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